so shake it out. 

I’m tired of trying to make things beautiful. I’m tired of trying to be content and cultured and perfect. I just want simplicity. Of course those aspects of life are impressive, but I can feel myself burning out from just failing and failing and failing. I need to get away but I don’t know how. 

the accidental goldfish who swam into a dry lake.


sometimes things just appear beautiful to me, like planets in a white universe amidst clouds and pools of vibrancy. 
my pictures never seem to do anything i see justice. 

unedited - first time at twin peaks.

meet Leopold.

it’s the biggest wish you’ll be able to make.

generic picture of the bridge. 

Rosemary Sub - Avocado, Tomato, Lettuce, Artichoke. 

urban rose, in muffled grays but still blooming. 

back to school. sigh. 

i just like these moments in time gathered in an honest place, one where i can collect my thoughts and be inspired by others.
all photos are mine unless otherwise stated.